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As part of their ongoing innovative partnership, Whitehawk Football Club and Bristol-based resource-saving organisation, Pledgeball, launch #passthepledgeball, a social media campaign to encourage fans to make small changes to their lifestyles from a list of home-based pledges, asking fans to film and post the pledge to nominated friends.

The partnership, that began at the start of the Hawks ’20/21 season, has already seen fans save 144,072.3 kg of carbon emissions, the equivalent of taking over 30 cars off the road. 

The campaign will encourage families and local communities to sign up to Pledgeball,, choose a pledge from a list of around 45 simple and 

‘Easy-to-action’ tasks, film their pledge on their phones, then nominate or pass on to friends, families, etc, through their post.

Small changes that can be made can collectively make a huge difference; If four hundred Hawks’ fans simply reduced their shower-time to five minutes, they’d save the same amount of CO2e as taking over thirty cars off the road!

Other simple pledgeball initiatives include: Using a shampoo bar instead of a bottle • use recycled toilet paper • reduce meat consumption by 50% • wash at 30˚C • keep phone chargers, TVs and computers off at the wall • buy only second-hand items where possible • switch to a green energy supplier • walk or cycle if the journey is under 2 miles…

The campaign’s intention is to change public perception on climate issues in a fun and engaging way, and to demonstrate how even small changes collectively can make a huge difference. 

Here’s a simple explanation on how to play #passthepledgeball… 

1. Go to

2. Pick your pledge

3. Film yourself making your pledge

4. Pass the Pledgeball on! Players, friends, work colleagues, managers, 

(who will you pass to?), tagging Pledgeball and using the hashtag #passthepledgeball

Katie Cross, founder of Pledgeball said;

“People have so much power to make a difference but we need to show them this. The football community is the perfect place to begin making this change, due to its size, its sense of unity and its togetherness.”

“Whitehawk FC is an awesome club – I’ve been lucky enough to attend the first home fixture of the season, and taken part in Zoom meetings and quizzes, and have been shown nothing but genuine interest and enthusiasm for the campaign. I can’t wait to be able to get back to another game. In the meantime, whilst we wait for the fixtures to return, come and play #passthepledgeball!”

For Whitehawk FC: Head of Commercial & Marketing Kevin Miller said;

“The pledgeball partnership has been superb so far, and the Hawks fans have been so responsive. We want to get the message out to as many people as possible, not only to engage with new and existing fans, but chiefly to make people aware that, ‘going green’ or ‘tackling climate change’ are not just media buzzwords, and that collectively by making small changes in lifestyles that do not upset the rhythm of home life, there’s a huge amount of difference we can make. This is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference by using the power of football, and I hope that we can take this message around the country, and get everyone to ‘passthepledgeball!”

The campaign will feature across the following social media channels:

Whitehawk FC: Twitter: @hawksfcofficial – Instagram: Whitehawk FC – Facebook: Whitehawk Football Club

Pledgeball:  Twitter:  @Pledgeball1 – Instagram: Pledge_ball

For further information contact Kevin Miller, Whitehawk FC: kevin.miller@whitehawkfc.com07833 736234

or Katie Cross, Pledgeball: 

How does it work? See below!

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