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Pledgeball Goes From Strength to Strength!

Hawks’ top the Pledgeball Lockdown League!

Fans of Whitehawk Football Club have been working with Bristol resource-based organisation Pledgeball over the past few months. Fans have been visiting the Pledgeball site —, to ‘pledge’ to change their lifestyles in small but effective ways, in order to help alleviate the current environmental concerns facing the planet.

Recently the club became the inaugural partners in the Pledgeball, ‘Virtual Lockdown League’, a league set up to welcome other clubs into the mix, and to encourage their fans to do the same.

In a short space of time the league has expanded to four, with National League side Eastleigh, joining Peckham Town from the Kent County League Premier Division, and Hawks’ partner club, Rainbow Rovers.

The amount of Carbon emissions that Hawks fans have pledged to reduce so far equates to close to 175,000 kg, which is a huge amount!

The teams have been playing each other ‘virtually’ over the past few weeks, and a league table is emerging, with fans’ commitment’s to pledge to change beginning to reap huge benefits.

Currently, the four teams have saved the equivalent of removing the carbon emissions of 81 cars annually.

“The beauty of this system” explains Hawks Head of Commercial & Marketing Kevin Miller, “Is that people make very small changes to the way they live — it could be spending a bit more time in sorting out the recycling, or perhaps creating a vegan or vegetarian meal just once a week for the family. The idea is to break free from the norm; to think about how we all do things on a daily basis, to ultimately save money and help reduce carbon emissions but doing it together, as football fans!”

He added; “We were happy to partner with Pledgeball because we know that our fanbase is very much aligned to helping the environment, and I knew that we would have some amazing advocates who would be able to spread the word and let their friends and family know about some of the amazing community work that this club is achieving.”

“To be part of the campaign, and be part of the Lockdown League, all you have to do is visit, type in ‘Whitehawk FC’ in the search box, find the next fixture, sign up, and make the pledges!” 

“After a while, pledging just becomes normal, and I have already made a couple of very nice vegan meals for the family thank you!”

Other simple initiatives include: Using a shampoo bar instead of a bottle • Use recycled toilet paper • Reduce meat consumption by 50% • Wash at 30˚C • Keep phone chargers, TVs and computers off at the wall • Buy only second-hand items where possible • Switch to a green energy supplier • Walk or cycle if the journey is under 2 miles…

To be part of the Pledgeball Revolution, and to support the Hawks’ in the Virtual Lockdown League, follow the simple steps below, and look out for more information on Pledgeball soon!

The Pledgeball Virtual Lockdown League is a great way to engage fans between matches. Fans and players compete against each other in virtual fixtures

They do this by making one, or a number of small lifestyle pledges in support of their team. Pledges range from using a reusable cup to installing solar panels here:

The total amount of carbon emissions (CO2e) saved by each group of fans is tallied and compared to that saved by the opposition.

The cumulative amount pledged to be saved by each team determines their place in the Pledgeball Lockdown League.

Participating fans are automatically entered into a prize draw to win a number of superb prizes!

To arrange a virtual fixture, contact 

The Current Pledgeball Virtual Lockdown League table:


Total CO2e pledged to be saved (kg per year)

Whitehawk FC


Peckham Town FC


Eastleigh FC


Rainbow Rovers


Total Carbon emissions (CO2e) pledged to be saved over a year by those who’ve pledged in this league: 374,044 kgCO2e

Equivalent to taking 81 cars off the road

The next fixture in the Pledgeball Lockdown League is this coming Saturday against Eastleigh. Visit : and get pledging for the Mighty Hawks!


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