Isthmian League

Saunders: “A big win for us”

A jovial Shaun Saunders speaks to the Whitehawk media after his side’s 4-2 win at Corinthian’s Gay Dawn Farm. The mood is a good one, one that you would expect after extending the unbeaten streak to seven matches, and losing just once all season – and even that was after extra time.

“I’m very pleased. I thought first half we were outstanding. It wasn’t as good second half, I think that happens. I think sometimes when you’ve got such a healthy cushion, the second half doesnt always peter out to be the same way but at the end of the day we’ve come away, we’re in the hat for the next round; job done from us.”

“I thought first half everyone, everyone. It’s a team performance, a big win for us. I thought for their second goal it was a foul, but it gave them a lifeline and they made a game of it. But it’s job done; I’m pleased we’re in the next round.”

“The atmosphere was good, our preparation before the game was all good and we’ve done our job: we’ve come away and we’re in the next round.”

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