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Club Statement | Littlehampton Town

Whitehawk FC are saddened by the behaviour of a number of Littlehampton Town fans at today’s match, and apologise to our own supporters for what occurred. Despite the precautions we put in place, the match was marred by firecrackers, smoke bombs, flares, homophobic abuse, smashed chairs and fans entering the field of play. We wish to make clear there is no place for violence, bigotry and threatening behaviour within the beautiful game, and we are speaking to the opposition about what took place.

Whitehawk FC operate a zero tolerance policy towards any abuse at The Enclosed Ground and are fully committed to our indefatigable value that football is for all. We thank Sussex Police for their assistance in responding speedily and preventing any further disorder. We will provide an update in due course, and a full report will be issued to the Isthmian League and the Football Association.

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  1. Princess winter

    hello could you please inform me who I speak to regarding a refund for 2 adults and 1 child or a future game free entry for us all, as we all had to leave as my daughter was scared by your above statement and also we couldn’t enjoy the game at all. we attend alot of home and away games and I think the club could of done more to deal with today, as in not letting away fans in or segregation from the start of play.

    look forward to hearing from you

  2. Pete gillman

    I was at the game today and thanks to the Police for their attendance, I’m sure they had better things to do.

    Littlehampton brought a numbers of fans fuelled on cocaine and booze, they disgraced themselves.

    Their team totally let themselves down at the end by condoning their fans behaviour and this should be dealt with.

    Messages at the end of the game from Whitehawk fans to the Littlehampton players expressing their views that the players should be ashamed of their fans were met with swearing and abuse.

    Ban them from repeat visits please.

  3. Michael pert

    Disgraceful behaviour

  4. Jack Lockwood

    Absolutely bloody disgusting behaviour. no place for that in football. hope the fans have been/will be dealt with.

  5. I’m proud to be a fan of this club and the way our supporters and players conducted themselves in the face of such vile behaviour

  6. I am a 82 year old and have been going to most of the home games for several years , 5 or 6? And have found it to be the extremely friendly and have never had experience of any hint of the least amount of trouble. Littlehampton showed belligerent behaviour as soon as they arrived . And if they say it was was white hawks fault it’s like saying that the bull was the cause of the bull fights

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