Isthmian League

An interview with Charlie Lambert

As we worm our way ever closer to the end of the campaign with much still to play for, it’s time to turn our focus onto a player who is the lone one in our current crop to have worn the red shirt last season. Only a brief stay it was, Charlie Lambert’s electric impact earned him a move back to The Enclosed Ground, where he continues to twist and turn, shoot and score.

Indefatigable on the field, everyone had been waiting for that moment where he pounces on a defensive error. Indeed, the words that follow were scribed prior to his goal on Saturday, but read on to discover more about man nicknamed ‘Lambo’. Vroom.

Back for your second stint at the club, how have you found this year compared to last season?

“Yeah, I think this year has been really good to be fair! We’ve got a lot of new faces in from last year, which is always refreshing; we’re playing good football and I think it’s going to be a very positive year!”

You’ve featured in National League South with Eastbourne Borough…but would you be able to talk us through your still fledgling career?

“I moved to America just after college for two-and-a-half-years, lived in Florida and Kentucky before coming back here. Started playing for Peacehaven [& Telscombe], had a really good run there – got to the semis of the County Cup – which is where it all worked out having played quite well for Eastbourne Borough, and then got my opportunity to go and play for Eastbourne. It was a really good experience, played there for two years – played with some very good players.”

“It helped me develop as a player, certainly made me a better player coming to Whitehawk. It’s been really enjoyable, joining Whitehawk. Playing a few games, playing with a few new lads this year, really good!”

Five goals in all competitions this season, hitting the woodwork on a few occasions too. Would you say you’ve been a little unlucky with how this season has gone?

“I wouldn’t say unlucky. I’ve played well in games, sometimes the ball just doesn’t fall to you where you want it to. It’s not just an individual game, it’s a team game and everyone is scoring all over the pitch. It’s not the end of the world! Obviously for myself I’d quite like to score a few more goals, or help with a few assists but, so long as the team is winning, the stats don’t really matter to me.”

When you’ve got control of the ball near the opponent’s box, you typically seem to have only one thing on your mind: shoot. Would you say you’re an example of a natural-born forward?

And with a chuckle, he begins his answer:

“A lot of people…would probably say it’s greedy! But when you’ve got an eye for goal, especially this year where it’s not happened as much as I’d like it to, shooting on sight is probably a forward’s decision really. A lot of players would probably disagree – there’s been examples more recently where I could probably play a pass but sometimes I’ll have a shot and see if it goes in!”

If there’s one area of your game you’d like to improve upon, what would it be?

“I’d like to be a bit more confident in my play, trust myself a bit more. Sometimes this season when I’ve got on the ball, I’ve not had the confidence to go and beat a man and I’ve ended up either losing the ball, or playing the easy pass when sometimes I could beat the man and cross the ball in, especially on that wing.

We’ve got class up top now which, if you put it in the box, they’re likely to score or create a very good opportunity for us. So yeah, I think just being a little more confident, and working on fulfilling what I could be, really.”

Nearing the end of the campaign with the table tight at the top. Is the feeling in the squad that we can still win this league?

“Yeah, the gaffer said at the start of the season to take each game one at a time and I think, currently, that’s what we’re doing. We’re not looking too much into the future at the minute; we’ve got a few games coming up which are very tough games for us and I think we’ve got to do our job and win every game we can!

Obviously, at the start of the season we looked at the title, but at the minute, like I say, we’re taking it game by game. Win our games and then we’ve got it in our hands, or we’ve done everything we could to try and push for automatic.”

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