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A message from Shaun Saunders

“So it’s with a heavy heart I’ve decided to step down from my role as 1st team manager of Whitehawk FC.

It was my aim to try to re-create the club’s identity as a local-based side, at one with the supporters, and I believe we achieved that.

In my time I had nothing but support from the club’s owners, committee, club members and our fantastic fan base.

I’d like to thank everyone at the club, especially the players who played for me past and present, and my team around me, who have been incredible.

The decision has not been easy. It’s a truly unique and incredible club. My time as manager has been everything I hoped it would be and more.

It’s run by people who have a plan to progress, and I wish the club nothing but success going forward.

I’m pleased to be leaving my role with the club in a better position than when I came in.

My personal journey with the club has left me with memories I’ll never forget, and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity.”


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  1. Roy Gwyer

    Genuinely sorry to see you leave Shaun, just be happy whatever you do. Roy

  2. Bill parker

    too say I’m shocked is beyond comprehension,but all I can say is thank you for all your hard efforts and the success you brought to the club ,I. can only wish you well in whatever you do

  3. Wow , I was not expecting that . Thanks for the memories Shaun and good luck in your future endeavours . X

  4. Chris Didcott

    sorry to hear that your leaving Shaun you have done a fantastic job at whitehawk and the place is a lot better for you being involved good luck for the future for what ever you decide to do in the future xx

  5. Michael pert

    Can’t believe you are going you’ve done a fantastic job and are leaving much to early thanks for the memories Shaun xx

  6. three team managers left the club in one week! Blimey, odd hat trick. All the best to Shaun a great chap. Will be truly missed.

  7. Jamie Denyer

    As a manager he’s a pure gold. As a man.. he’s priceless!
    I’ve seen him live and breath Whitehawk FC in his personal life, which only goes to show how much he loved, loves & will forever love the club. And what I saw was only the tip of the iceberg. I’m a very proud little brother to see how he went about his business with the club, and what he achieved there- which was no shock or surprise to me.
    I’ve always made the same statement at the start of any managerial appointment, which is “look after this man (which he was) and he will bring you success” which he’s done in many different ways.
    But as with any journey, you reach your destination, and the journey ends. That is all that’s happened here, and other responsibilities have to take precedence…
    Husband, dad and grandad, which he’s one of THE very best at is a full time job.
    Well done bruv… we’re all
    Proud of you, and we all love you.
    Go into this new chapter with Clear eyes, a full heart and you can’t lose!

  8. Ollie Learmonth

    Genuinely shocked and completely gutted. The Colonel has been a hugely popular character amongst the fans and extremely good manager since day one. We’ll never forget what he’s done on, and let’s face it, off the field. I wish him every success and happiness for the future, and thank him for all his service and friendship #onceahawk

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