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Club Statement | Littlehampton Town FC

Whitehawk FC were saddened to hear that a number of our supporters were subjected to homophobic abuse at last night’s match at Littlehampton Town FC. There is no place for bigotry and prejudice within the beautiful game and Whitehawk FC are speaking to the opposition club about the incident.

Whitehawk FC operate a zero tolerance policy towards any abuse at the Enclosed Ground and are fully committed to our core value that football truly is for all. We have spoken with James Askey (Safety Officer at Littlehampton Town) and they fully condemn the abuse and are investigating the matter further.

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  1. Not only we’re they homophobic, Littlehampton’s number 5 was seen being racist, calling our number 15 a ‘black c*nt’ because the ball did not go in he’s favour. And to top it off one of our fans was asked to leave the game (on he’s own) for he’s own safety as the littlehampton fans were chanting threats about he’s weight, saying they were going to get him at half time and then followed him in to the club house trying to intimidate him. Absolutely appalling, even a local barman said EVERY week they get people in their pubs trying to get away from the littlehampton fans for the same reason. The club should be doing something about this!!!

  2. As a gay Whitehawk fan I was shocked by the abuse we received, football is for all (apart from anyone we disagree with, including anyone right of Stalin)

  3. Bernard Raphael Duggan

    Thanks Isaac for your very eloquent report. Great to see Hawks triumph over adversity especially that that is not welcome at our beautiful game!!!

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