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A message to our supporters

To all Whitehawk supporters,
Whitehawk Football Club would like to apologise to all of our loyal supporters following the antics that occurred from a section of Littlehampton Town fans on Saturday afternoon.
We would like to assure all of our supporters that we had been in discussion with the police liaison officer for football hooliganism long before the game itself commenced. Additionally, AAA Security, who also steward for Brighton and Crawley, along with our current crop of stewards and the police, were satisfied with the precautions put in place.
On the day of the game, I spoke to the police and was told that there was a van on standby if required, with them called at 15:05 and arriving a few minutes later, at 15:12.
The AAA Security were on the gate searching when they could, yet the issue lies with pyrotechnics being easily concealed so, no matter how many people you search, not every prohibited item can be discovered.
I noticed Littlehampton fans went in to the Din End – we were going to move them but I took the decision to keep them in the Din End as it was easier to contain them.
We also made sure all Whitehawk FC supporters had departed the premises before we allowed the Littlehampton section to leave the ground, with a police presence escorting them away from The Enclosed Ground.
Nigel Thornton, General Manager

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