Can he take us to the Premier League?

The Hawks have appointed Brighton based Rich Colby to lead Whitehawk from the National League South to the Premier League in Sega’s Football Manager 2018 game released yesterday.

Each year Sega release their latest edition of Football Manager which allows you to take control of the club of your choice world wide and take them to glory. Whitehawk have featured on the game for a few years now and being in the lowest league to take control of clubs, this becomes of great interest to gamers all over the world.

Rich is a Twitcher and a huge Football Manager lover, he has offered to fill the boots vacated by @JKingyTV who has now left the club, and will broadcast live streams on Wednesday 6pm, Friday 7pm and Saturday 11pm of taking Whitehawk to the Premier League.

This will bring much needed exposure to Whitehawk FC and we wish Rich all the best in his conquest.

Rich gave his own message to Whitehawk’s supporters:
“We’ve come a long way already. But we’re capable of going even further! We’ll bring through local talent along with experience. I’m very excited to be a part of it.”

Rich is part of the FM Scout team found at

I’m sure the Hawks Ultras will have no problem getting behind Rich as he starts his journey to lead the Hawks into the Football League.


Follow Rich’s journey on Twitter: @RichOnTwitch_TV or Twitch: