Whitehawk FC Chairman John Summers would like it known that he has requested a full inquiry into events both on and off the pitch during and after Whitehawk FC’s second leg play off semi-final at Ebbsfleet United. Mr Summers has written to the FA, The National League, Ebbsfleet United FC and Kent Police regarding what he considers were brutal and unnecessary actions against Whitehawk’s fans within their enclosure on Sunday.

He states that he witnessed flags, including Rainbow flags, being snatched from Whitehawk FC fans and brutal actions against fans by the Ebbsfleet stewards following the second Whitehawk goal celebrations.

John has also requested an investigation as to why this action was taken against the most peaceful fans in the league and what justification the Safety Officer had in instructing the referee to insist the penalty shootout was taken at the home fans end. It is normal protocol for the referee to offer choice of ends for where the penalties are taken to the winner of the toss. Whitehawk FC won the toss but their choice of ends was overruled he believes on the intervention of the Safety Officer.

John Summers concluded that he has made numerous complaints this season to both The National League and the FA about abusive and homophobic actions by fans and some officials towards Whitehawk fans. He states clearly that he is extremely proud of the good nature and tolerance of the Whitehawk fans, who are globally renowned for their inclusiveness, respect and acceptance of people from all walks of life. He has become extremely disillusioned with how some fans and officials behave towards Whitehawk FC fans and will continue to stand by them and support them through these difficult times.

He states, due to the actions of the Safety Officer in directing his stewards right from the kick off on Sunday, innocent people were injured and abused by these stewards. In his opinion and the opinion of many independent observers, these actions were brutal and bigoted and ultimately influenced the outcome of this play off semi-final. Many Ebbsfleet fans used foul and abusive language and behaviour throughout the match which went unchecked and to add insult to injury invaded the pitch on mass while the Ebbsfleet stewards kettled the Whitehawk fans into their enclosure.

We will not rest until justice is served and decent and fair people are made fully aware of what came about on Sunday afternoon.

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